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Corporate Training

At RISE 'N' GRIND FITNESS we are trained to provide you a top of the line work-out routine – especially tailored to your weight and body type.

Our personal training sessions are focused on helping you achieve your goals quicker and more effectively as we provide constant and on going assistance and feedback. The trainers work with you to accomplish your goals and guide you along with way with useful tips and suggestions to keep you fit, healthy and more energetic.

A properly implemented corporate wellness program will help workers of all ages reduce their risk of chronic disease and live longer, healthier, happier, more productive lives.

The companies incorporating these Work Site Health programs are reaping a great return on their investment by:

  • Reducing Health-Related Costs
  • Reducing Workers' Compensation
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Reducing Absenteeism & Turnover
  • Strengthening Employee Retention & Recruitment
  • Improving Moral

We provide 3 kinds of services to corporate clients. raining will be done at the client site (if the facility exists) or at our gym in ALAMEDA.

Package 1: Corporate Wellness Seminar Package

One 60 minute Wellness Seminar at your corporate site, including topics such as Stress Management, Wellness in the Work place, and Travel& Exercise Nutrition. Recommended on a monthly basis.

Package 2: Corporate Individual Personal Training Package

Eight or twelve 50 minute personal training sessions, with a trainer 1 on 1. Focusing on you, so you can get the full benefit of reaching all your exercise goals with workouts tailored to you, since everyone is different.

Package 3: Corporate Group Personal Training Package

For 4 weeks, a corporate group of 5-10 employees can work with a fitness professional who can recommend a guide of healthy eating at the health facility. The entire group meets with a personal trainer for a group exercise program once a week for 1 hour.